Pain Fast Away

What is Pain Fast Away?

In the simplest terms, Pain Fast Away is a card comprised of three polymers. When placed near the body, it absorbs healing energy and then acts as a mirror to reflect that positive energy back into the body. As the energy works to help strengthen cells that have become weakened, it delivers pain relief through a process known as plasmon resonance.

How do you use Pain Fast Away?

There are several different-sized Pain Fast Away products - depending on the specific pain you’re looking to target. But the application for all products is essentially the same.

To target nagging joint pain, you simply hold the card on the pain point for 2-3 minutes until you begin to feel relief. For deeper and more chronic pain issues, simply place the card over the area of pain and adhere it to the skin with band-aids or cloth tape. Keep on as long as needed.

It really couldn’t be any easier.

Is Pain Fast Away safe to use?

Absolutely. The internal polymer layer is neither charged, nor is it a chip. So it’s actually 3,000 times safer than having even your credit card near your body!

As a doctor or healing practitioner, what do I need to know about Pain Fast Away?

Pain Fast Away works with a complex crystalline formulation to provide continuous plasmon resonance. As it is held near on placed directly on the body, it absorbs higher frequencies and then reflects this energy back to facilitate in weaker cells becoming more functional.

When this modulation occurs, all cellular function is re-triggered to full functionality and production of ATP/ADP is stimulated. It also serves to open channels and increase micro circulation - acting as redox signaling.

In studying cells exposed to this resonance, the key observations were micro cir-culation, micro current generation, hydrogen loading and nitrous-oxide activation. It is not possible to quantify these results, however, as the act of measuring causes the waves (and therefore frequencies) to change.

But patients have noted strong efficacy in relieving pain.


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