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There’s Just No Gain with Pain - And very often, there are losses. Huge losses.

Loss of peace and enjoyment. Loss of freedom and mobility. Even loss of employment

Back Pain

Back pain creates tremendous discomfort while limiting your mobility. And when it’s chronic, it can put a complete halt to the activities of your regular everyday life. When it goes on long enough, back surgery starts to feel like the only option to easing your pain.

Joint Pain

With joint pain, it’s important to keep those joints in motion. But there isn’t much motivation to keep those joints moving when you’re experiencing serious or even excruciating pain. Prescription medication can begin to feel like the only way to experience relief.

Deep Pain

When pain is felt deep down in the body, it can’t be touched by topical ointments or even deep massages. This can leave you feeling that the only solution is to address it from within by using powerful and addictive painkillers and opioids to get a handle on the pain.

Don’t Give up!

If you’ve tried various methods for pain relief but without success, you don’t necessarily have to resort to surgery or prescription medications. With Pain Fast Away, you have a revolutionary alternative. One that’s safer, easier and far less expensive than medication or surgery.

We have all heard of the aura of the body. An energy field of the human body, which shows life! All living things plants and animals have this same aura surrounding them.

The Pain Fast Away card is a reflector of this energy helping to improve wellbeing and help to relieve pain. Main advantages are: no battery, it is convenient, long lasting and no skin contact required! Positive response has occurred with hundreds of users (90 to 95% effective). For simple aches a relief occurs quickly, with deeper needs just tape the card on for a longer time.

The science behind our product is newly developed combination of patented polymers which work hand in hand with your body. Proprietary combination of these polymers causes a certain frequency parallel to our bodies in concert causing pain relief. There is a similarity to a resonant activity such as metals for other products on the market. Physics and bio-chemistry is a firm bases for these polymers in the way they are combined. In both clinical and non-clinical tests around the world we are getting positive responses.


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