Kenneth B Large DC

To whom it may concern,
I have used the Pain Fast Away Card for approximately one year and have observed significant reduction of pain in muscle and Joints. Contusions have been reduced in less time than usual.
Patients with neuropathy have reported improved sensation in their feet.
I have also observed headache improvement in patients when placing the card at the sub occipital area.
In three patients their menstrual cramps were relieved in minutes.
My personal experience has shown a reduction of pain at the site of the spinal arthritis at the levels of L5 and S1, where I had disc surgery 25 years ago and in the lower cervical spine where I have traumatic arthritis. Sincerely, Kenneth B Large DC (signature on file)

Kelly M. Giera, D.D.S.

Thank you for introducing the Pain Fast Away Card for pain reduction to use in the dental office. We have had a very positive response to a number of patients and different circumstances of pain management. Dental patients have a myriad of pain responses from minor to major and toothache pain to craniofacial maladies most commonly known as temporal mandibular joint dysfunction. We also have patients with chronic pain and a long history of use of opioids’ (narcotics) which is a major health concern. This is a pain management concern due to high addiction rate now known as an epidemic. It is hopeful this device will benefit many in their search for pain relief
The list of patients we have had positive results with are as follows:
1. TMJ patient with chronic history of pain currently getting daily relief with use of Pain Fast Away Card she is currently one month of positive results according to our last evaluation.
2. Patient had a broken wrist and used Pain Fast Away Card for reducing pain while healing under cast and reports a positive result with frequent use.
3. A nurse practitioner had used the Pain Fast Away Card on her knee and found relief from discomfort especially after working all day.
4. Patient-reported relief from shoulder pain with daily use and continues to use as needed for pain relief
5. Patient with a severe TMJ problem after a car wreck has reported significant relief after use for severe chronic pain and claim significant reduction of pain with regular use and less need for pain medication. Sincerely, Kelly M. Giera, D.D.S. (signature on file)


Dear Colleague,
One day in June 2016, Emery and Jack inventors of Pain Fast Away Card (PFA) gave me a PFA card. It has the look of an ordinary credit card and said: “It’s for pain relief …”. It was certainly way beyond my humble expectations. I was speechless.
Since I was suffering from a moderate Reynaud Phenomena of both feet. “Reynaud Phenomena is an idiopathic bilateral paroxysmal contraction of arteries and arteries of digital vessel to cold…” Harrison's Internal Medicine. I accepted it with appreciation and little doubt. Same night, I place card into my right sock, not to the left for control. The next morning I was surprised indeed. There was no pain in my right foot. In fact right foot was warm indeed. But pain was noted and left foot which had no card.
The truth of treatment was that the muscles of capillary was relax the blood did pass through the arterial capillary to tissue. As results, micro-circulation improved. No hypoxic pain was noted. But cells function was improved as well.
Since its not chemical, not addictive, non evasive but a simple successful treatment, it is safe and simple. I was impressed. It was beyond my imagination. Since the effecting micro, magnetic electric current is about 20mm from card, superficial pathologic can be effected, such as skin disorder with pain, peripheral neuralgia, varicose veins pain, ecchymosis and enhancement healing for cosmetic surgery.
It is my dream and hope that micro magnetic activity can be increased and deepened. Important organs can be reached and benefited from the enhancement of microcirculation. Their function can be improved as well. Such as various endocrines, joint, heart, and even brain.
Chronic pain related disorders, such as bone and joint degeneration changes are aging process. Logically tissue regeneration is also time-consuming, if it is possible. Action generating from PFA card is mild, but effective, slow but save. To treat old arthritis or degenerative disorder is time-consuming. Cure of arthritis is rare even from replacement. Symptomatically free, is a gift certainly. PFA card treatment with light or without deserves its shining place in the future of Medicine
In past year, I have experience combining PFA card with low level laser and LED lights as initial treatment. Powerful enough to establish a base for continuing long-term PFA treatment. Result has been positive and encouraging.
Potential of this new modality is immense. My best wishes and good luck, C.G. MD (signature on file)

Dr. William G

To whom it may concern: Over the past year I have been working with Emory and Jack on the pain relief card. They gave me a card with stars on it, they explain how it worked so I tried it with a few patients and they said it did not work! So I said to myself, I thought I should question how they used it. I found out they were looking for immediate relief. So I tried the card on 50 patient which was secured by tape. I found that they had relief within 2 - 45 minutes and using the card daily. Several of my colleagues asked about this strange card. They use the card with success. In a secondary study the card was used along with Biofreeze which proved to help absorb at the pain sites. I believe the card can be used for other applications such as lowering blood pressure. This came about when Emory gave me a couple of cards and I place them in my jacket pocket which was over my heart. I have hypertension! that day my blood pressure was 120/70 without taking blood pressure meds. My name is Dr. William G a bio-researcher.(signature on file)

Lori S.

To whom it may concern: I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia back in 2011 from a severe car accident. Since then I have been on a 50 mcg Fentanyl transdermal blank patch along with 8 7.5 Vicodin ES and 600 mg of Neurotin 3 times a day. I would also frequent the pain clinic for injections to help with pain control. A few weeks ago my niece gave me a Pain Fast Away Card to try and I will admit I was a little skeptical at first but honestly I would try anything to get off all the narcotics I have been taking for years. So I tried it! I was amazed at how fast it started working. After applying the Pain Fast Away Card to my skin instantly I felt heat and the pain was gone. It has been 3 weeks and I have not taken any of my pain meds. I finally feel like a normal functioning adult due to the Pain Fast Away Card my niece gave me and I am extremely grateful. Sincerely, Lori S

Nicole B.

I am a waitress and have been working for 20 years. I have suffered with extreme back pain from years of being on my feet and carrying heavy loads. A customer of mine and I were talking about how bad my back pain is and he said he had a solution for me. He gave me one of these patches (Pain Fast Away Card). I tried it right then and there! I applied it to the area that was hurting the most through my shirt. I can remember my face lighting up because I was instantly had relief. I have been using the patch on a daily basis so I do have to take Motrin or Aleve because I refuse to take narcotics. I highly recommend the Pain Fast Away Card to my co-workers family friends and anyone who has any type of pain. Truly Yours, Nicole B

Larry J White

I have been using the Pain Fast Away Card for nearly a year now. With having both hips replaced, my left wrist rebuilt plus severe arch pain in my left foot and my right knee needing to be replaced  I am always on the search for an alternative to pain medication. 

I have been wearing a brace on my right knee for several years but I still have pain on the inside of my right knee. I talked to my chiropractor Dr. Kenneth B Large who is also an applied kinesiologist and he recommended I try this 2 x 3 inch card. It did seem a little light black magic type of thing to me but I had great respect for Dr. Large’s knowledge and innovative techniques.

I tried the card starting out using the card on my knee. I got fast result the first time I used the card. I simply inserted it in my brace on the left side of my knee. Today the card is a part of my every morning dress just as the brace.

During this period I was searching for different types of arch support that would stop the pain in my left foot.  I had finally gone to the Veterans Hospital and they had made 2 custom orthotics supports which seemed to help but I still had some pain in my left arch.  I decided to place one of the cards inside my sock directly under where the pain was within minutes the pain stopped. So every day I put one card and my left sock and the other card in my right knee brace.

Sometime at night if my shoulder is hurting on my hips I will tape on one  of the cards using paper tape to area hurting it seems to help overnight.

I know this seems far out too many people and I can't explain the process or technology, although there is some explanation on the, but what I can explain or tell is that it works for me and it works for many other people. Patients of Chiropractors, Dentist and Mds. have been using the card with success. The card help alleviate pain reduce people's dependency on opioids. The Card is made in Michigan has a patent pending and has been submitted to the FDA.  The amount that the Pain Fast Away Card cost ($39) is well worth it. There is no risk as they offer a 30 days money back guarantee. The card never wears out.


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